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These sets of questions are free to use. Each folder contains a set of questions on the named topic and a folder for the images that go along with them. They are in Moodle XML format. Perhaps other formats will be made available at some point (especially if someone wants to help me with this project).

About the Questions

The questions each have an item ID in the question name so if you find any errors or have suggestions for improvements please reference the item ID and let me know. I’ll fix them. The pre-algebra questions are prefixed with a PA (e.g. [PA34]) and algebra questions with an A (like [A5]).

I haveĀ  implement a standard format for the questions so that they all look and feel the same. I hope that this formatting standard (or some other one agreed upon by the community at large) is adhered to by all Moodle users so that we can share questions and maintain a consistent look and feel in our on-line quizzes. Of course you may edit these as you wish.

The format is:

  1. Item stems and responses are in 18 point Times New Roman.
  2. Dragmath equations are sized at at fs{3}.
  3. Plain text and Dragmath are used as much as possible to eliminate unnecessary graphics.
  4. The correct answer is always placed in choice number 1.
  5. Proper html codes are used for mathematical symbols written in plain text.

How to Use the Questions

To use the questions in your Moodle installation:

  1. Download the zipped folder.
  2. Extract all the files in the folder.
  3. Re-zip the graphics folder.
  4. Upload the graphics folder to your Moodle file repository.
  5. Unzip the graphic folder in your repository.
  6. Copy the link to one of the images to put the file path on your clipboard.
  7. Use a text editor (NotePad in Windows, TextEdit in Mac) to open the xml file in the original folder (be not afraid by what you see).
  8. Use the text editor Find and Replace function to set the proper file path to the graphic images. Use the link on your clipboard and keep everything up to the final slash before the graphics name. The part to be replaced is labeled REPLACETHISWITHYOURPATH/.
  9. Save the XML file. Make sure the file type is set to all files and not .txt. The file must have the .xml suffix.
  10. Import the xml file to your Moodle site (include Categories but not Context) and they should be ready to use.

The Questions

Here is the first one. The number in parentheses indicated how many questions there are. Click on the zipped folder icon and it should prompt a download. Please let me know how it works.

PA-Integers-Absolute Value (85)

PA-Integers-Absolute Value (85)

PA-Integers-Addition (92)

(no graphics files)

PA-Integers-Addition (92)

(no graphics files)

PA-Integers-Subtraction (54)

More to come soon. If you would like to help me convert my bank of over 5,000 pre-algebra and algebra Moodle questions into the proposed standard format and make them available to the world, please contact me.

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  2. Phil,

    I came to your website via some older posts of yours I ran across in the Flipped Classroom Ning. I teach Geometry and I’m wondering if you are aware of any other teachers doing as you did here. I’m new to flipping this year and I’d like to pool resources and build a question bank with other teachers of geometry. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Holli Prior

  3. Great example files for the Moodle XML format – thank you!

    I was wondering if you wrote this XML by hand or used some sort of conversion software.

    It would be useful to the moodle community if you had them link to your files as clean examples of Moodle XML.

    Also, could you please let us know the documentation you used for your Moodle XML?


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