A Demonstration Instructional Video

I have tried a number of techniques for producing instructional videos. Two methods I have tested extensively are drawing directly on a tablet screen while using screen capture software, and using an overhead camera to record what I write on various kinds of paper. I do not think that I have found the best method yet, but this latest attempt is one that I think holds promise.

Overhead Camera, Big Piece of Paper

That’s basically it. The video recorder is suspended with a boom over a table. The work is drawn and written on a large piece of paper using a sharpie. The large paper has the advantage of being able to be shifted around to provide more writing space without having to start on a new piece of paper when more room is needed. Some folks believe that such videos are better received when the viewer gets to see an actual face and associate it with the voice of someone they know. It makes sense and that seems to be the word on the street. So, for the first time (for me), this one includes an introduction featuring my head.

The following video is about very basic ideas surrounding percents and converting percents into numbers, and numbers into percents. This was the second take although it could certainly be improved further.