Video Lesson Experiment

Students! Please view the video presentation (linked below) on how to solve a simple linear equation by the balancing method. After viewing please leave a comment. In your comment make sure you say how you liked this math demonstration (or not), whether you find it a useful instructional technique (why or why not?), how it could be improved, and if you would like to see more of these.

If you do not see a comment box below, click on the comment link on the upper right side. Use your initials if you want, but you do not have to use or reveal your full name. Comments are moderated before posting.

I’m working on a couple more so you may have more than one video to choose from. Take your pick, or even all of them.

If for some reason you are unable to play the video using your default system, you may save (download) the video file and open it using QuickTime.

I look forward to your feedback.


Equation Solving Example 1
Simplifying an Exponential Expression Example 1

  1. I would like a video with something i needed help with… but if someone needed help with this subject it would be good. Maybe people could type in the answers… I might like more videos?

  2. I found this video very useful for learning how to solve different types of math problems. I think it would be very useful for other types of math problems too like inequalities or matricies. This was an excellent idea though. Keep making more vids!

  3. I liked this video a lot and think it is very useful for solving a simple linear equation. I saw nothing to be improved upon and would like to see more of these.

  4. I liked this video, but wouldn’t like to see more of these because i’d rather learn in class so i can ask questions. but this video was good and had nothing to be improved upon.

  5. I really liked these videos, they would help a lot with solving eqations class. I think we should have more of these videos in class or as homework.

  6. The video was just review for me but I think that you should have more problems on videos so that we can under stand those to. Over all the video was good.

  7. I thought that this video was a helpful review. I think that more of these in the future would help students understand theories better, but when it is being introduced for the first time, it should be learned in class for an opportunity to ask questions.

  8. This is a very cool feature, Mr. McIntosh. I am proud to say that I correctly guessed the two coefficients in the equation!

  9. I liked the movie once I got it working. I think we should watch the videos in class so we know what were doing before we get home.

  10. I liked the video and think that it would be helpful for students who don’t understand the math consept right away to learn it. It would be good to have more videos made. I know that the videos could help me out a lot.

  11. This video was really helpul and making more videos would be really cool because if a student doesnt understand the concept in school they could just go home and watch you explain it step by step and watch it over and over again till they understand a little better.

  12. I liked this movie very much. It allowed me to think through the steps throughout the video, and elaborated on why certain steps were preformed. However, this video took me a while to access it. I would love to continue to see these movies, and use this videos to keep on learning the different methods. It was very bhelpful.

  13. THat looks like a good way to do homework. It also looks more fun than other stuff. So lets do it more often

  14. This video was good help, however it took a long time for me to finally get it to play because it didnt work when i clicked on it and quicktime took 4ever to load. this was a good and helpful video and i would like to see more of them in class.

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